Vocational Courses

Becoming a professional in any field of business involves a lot more than meets the eyes. That's why our courses are designed to help our students with every aspect of starting their own business and also the skills required to be employed as a tradesman. It covers everything they need to know about opening a business bank account, registering for VAT and insurance, how to do their own basic bookkeeping and how to quote for jobs so as to make a good profit while remaining competitive. We even teach students marketing skills to help them successfully launch their own business. Find Bellow the list of training courses we offer at Sani Bello Vocational Centre.

Catering and Hospitality

Catering course provides the necessary knowledge; skills and qualification to help students take the first step in learning more about starting a home based catering business.

Core areas catering students cover includes: the food service industry, history of modern food service, the organisation of modern kitchens, food storage, handling and preparation, preparing main dishes, composition, structure and basic quality factors of meat, understanding the basic meat cuts, methods of cooking poultry, understanding fish and shellfish, preparing starches, salads and entrees, breakfast foods and their preparation, dairy products, coffee and tea, preparing desserts and baked goods, basic principles of baking, cake-making formulas and techniques, creams, custards and puddings, frozen desserts and sauces, managing a successful catering business and much more

Fashion Design

Fashion Design students are exposed to all forms of fashion design services , which includes; formal business suit, eveningwear, dress down semi formal jackets, casual trousers and the bespoke shirt, traditional, Construction of a Garment, Adjusting Pattern, Layout cutting, Marking, Stitching and Seam, Ruffles and Collars, Finishing Techniques, Pockets, Cuffs, Sleeve Finishes, Casings and Waistbands, Belts and Zippers, Hems and Lining a Garment, Traditional and Contemporary Fashion Design Methods, Elements and Principles of Design, Decorating Style and Choosing Colour Wisely.

Computer Appreciation

This course introduces the computer environment and the usage of computer application software such as MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, Corel Draw, and Photoshop.

Farm Management

The farm is situated on a 10 hectare piece of old farm land purchase by the Chairman board, Col. Sani Bello (rtd) and donated to the foundation. the foundation is fully poised to harness the untapped opportunities in the agricultural sector, by training young AGRI-PRENEURS. To achieve these we have completed renovation of the farm house, poultry houses,farm feed mill and currently digging six large fish ponds(Funded by Ireland Embassy). Our feed mill has the capacity to process 2000 tonnes of feed daily, while the bird pens can accommodate 4000 birds. Every AGRI-PRENEUR registered at the foundation is assigned a number of birds/fish according to his chosen interest and has the task of rearing his/her birds/fish to table size and introducing them to the market. The foundation serves as a incubator, providing technical expertise,farming space,feed, business planning and marketing support.

Computer Maintainance Technology and Networking

Our computer engineering course exposes our students on how to troubleshoot, repair, configure, and assemble a computer system. Also the Computer Networking course empowers our trainees on how to configure different network topologies.

Software Development

This is an advanced computer course that will empower our students to efficiently develop and deploy problem-solving applications to individuals, private and government sectors.VB.Net and Java are the core programming languages used..

Web Design and Development

Our Web course empowers our trainees on how to use web standards and tools for designing and developing web presence and platform for globalization of businesses. Datbbase-driven applications development is an important aspect of web application development that our students will be exposed to. At the end of this course, students will be highly technical inclinded and would have built self-confidence to successfully handle web development projects of various types. Web technologies that are taught in this course include : HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, SQL, PHP/MySQL, and lots more.

GSM Repairs

We have the means to repair any make or model of handset. Our Workshop has the latest diagnostic equipment in order to fully diagnose and repair your handset. We have a team of highly skilled technicians to cope with any size of repair or servicing. We can fix anything from a simple speaker or microphone problem to lcd, lens & charging faults. Our highly motivated & skilled team constantly look to improve their skills and knowledge so they can always be at the fore front of innovation and cope with the latest additions to the mobile phone market.


Students offering this course of study will be introduced to how to manage hair and general facial beauty which includes: Crochet branding, fixing of different types of weavons, facial make-up, pedicure and manicure, sterilization, sanitation and steaming.